Traditional Approaches to Source Experts

  • Request for Information within the firm or amongst contemporaries...

    Issue with this approach: Mixed efficacy

  • Commit time or resources...

    Issue with this approach: Is this the best use of a firm’s time or resources?

  • Utilize services...

    Issue with this approach: Dearth of reliable, attentive services

Solution: Versed—A Bespoke Expert Search Firm Driven to Add Value

From the onset of an assignment, we work closely with our clients to understand their stance on the case of and profile the "right expert," deadlines involved, bracket potential conflicts, and budgeting considerations.

Vetting conflicts, we work closely to identify, source, and present viable options within the criteria.

In our vetting process, we outline the assignment, expectations, deadlines and inquire about the candidate's litigation experience.
We target faculty from academic instructions, peer-reviewed journal authors, and accredited organization members to source our experts.
When presenting the experts, in addition to offering our color on the expert, we always provide CVs and fee schedules and, when available, redacted sample reports.
Coordinate calls for you to chat with the expert. Upon retaining the expert, we issue confirmation letters with all necessary information (where to send records, etc.) to our client and the expert to stay in touch with the expert to ensure deadlines are met.
“Eat what you kill" model—We do not charge to conduct a search or to present options. We get paid when we prevail in providing an expert that you retain, and our fee is subsumed in the expert's fee.

Sampling of Liability Professionals

  • School Administrator

  • Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Administrator

  • American Disabilities Act Expert

  • Adoption Agency

  • Amusement Park
    • Mechanical Engineer - Amusement Ride

    • Safety Expert

  • Animal Shelter (SPCA)

  • Aquatic
    • Pool Design

    • Safety Expert

  • Arborist
    • General Tree Health

    • Safety Expert

  • Bowling Alley - Facility Maintenance Expert

  • Window Design Expert

  • Bulkhead - Trap Door

  • Camp Director

  • Chef

  • Construction
    • Residential Construction Expert

    • Safety Expert

  • Digital Forensic Expert

  • Dog Breeder

  • Economist

  • Elevator Expert

  • Escalator Expert

  • Engineer
    • Bio Medical

    • Biomechanical

    • Civil

    • Construction

    • Inspection

    • Electrical

    • Fire Protection

    • Geotechnical

    • Mechanical & Metallurgical

    • Product Safety

    • Pyrotechnic

    • Structural

    • Traffic

  • Environmental Services

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation

  • FDA Labeling Expert

  • Fire
    • Cause & Origin

    • Safety Expert

  • Firearms Safety

  • Food Microbiologist

  • Fork Lift Expert

  • Franchising

  • Human Factors

  • Industrial Hygienist

  • Laser Technician

  • Life Care Planner

  • Lighting Consultant

  • Maritime expert

  • Materials expert

  • Nursing Care
    • General

    • Intensive Care

    • Corrective Facility

    • Telemetry

    • Vascular

  • Nursing Home
    • Director of Nursing

  • Pedorthist

  • Property Manager

  • Psychiatric Facility Risk Manager

  • Psychiatric Facility Administrator

  • Real Estate Appraiser

  • Residential Treatment Facility Administrator

  • Roofing

  • Ropes Course Expert

  • Safety
    • Power Line

    • Railroad

    • OSHA

    • MSHA

    • Tree Removal

  • Security Guard

  • Snow & Ice Expert

  • Solar Panel Expert

  • Stucco Expert

  • Surveillance

  • Surveyor

  • Technology- Data, IT

  • Veterinary Behaviorist

  • Vocational Expert

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